The berevity of life

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.

Life truly is short, we are just a vapor in the wind. When we are younger we feel like we will live forever! The summer days seem to last forever and our only priority is to have fun. As we get a bit older and start taking on our own responsibilities our priorities begin to change and those summer nights  seem to go by to fast. I know I found myself in a place of not having enough time in my days any longer. I found that I can not stay up as late into the evening as I once did. I have to remind myself to have fun and worry more about work, bills and schedules. Everyone is always talking about finding that balance between work and play. How do you balance your priorities and where does God fit in? I know that I don’t always know tha answer to that question.

As my journey deepens in Christ I have started to look at how I am balancing my life in a bit of a different way. Now I have become focused on how to incorporate Jesus in my everyday life and how to fit meaningful time into my family’s schedules. I no longer think that I need to balance work and play but that I need to work to help support my family and that real face time with my family is so much more important than trying to figure out ways to have fun. When we are being present with each other in an honest way, the fun always follows. These days I look for ways to bring friends together for those real bonding moments as well, rather than looking to go out, drink and have “fun”. That “fun” always proved to be a lot less fun the following day let me tell you.

As for work, well I am fortunate enough to be in a field that allows me to incorporate my Christianity and explore with my co-workers. Being in hospice, we are constantly addressing spiritual issues with patients, families and each other. For this I am thankful. A long time ago I said a little prayer, this prayer was for God to bring me to a place where I could continue to work full-time to support my family but that there was a deeper meaning to it. At the time I was working for a high-end kitchen and bathroom fixture company. I spent most of my day hearing people complain about spending $5 on a part to get their faucet working properly when they spent over a thousand dollars on it 5 years earlier. I remember that I would often think to myself, where are these people’s priorities?!? Life is short! They are spending all their time being angry over cartridges for their faucets and venting their life issues to me, a customer service agent that they have never met. To have so much anger in yourself that you feel the need to yell at and swear at others over a $5 piece of material. I was really looking for a better way to spend my 40+ hours per week.

Well, they say that you should be careful what you wish for! A friend of a friend of a friend (yeah, one of those) told me about an “office manager type job” available at some place that specialized in something called hospice. After a year of dealing with this type of work I was desperate! I am sure I can do this and I always wanted to get into the medical field, here was my chance! Interview went great, the benefit package was fantastic and I was on my way! Man, I did not know what I was getting myself into! I started working for hospice the same time I started my walk in Jesus. Let me tell you that He definitely brought me to a place where there was meaning and growth! Something about working in End of Live Care that really forces you to grow on so many levels. This has also made me realize just how short a life really is.

So, what I have taken from my short experience here on this earth and from the verse quoted above, is that life is super short, it can fly right before your eyes. Take your time, be with God, be with those that you love. Really be with them. Allow Jesus to work through you and don’t sweat the small stuff. Grow in God’s wisdom. He has a plan for all of us and all too often we are too busy and don’t let him use us in the way we were meant to be used!

Love as Jesus loves, let things go, be yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable. You really never know when you’re gonna go. I know this has become a cliché and a reason to live a reckless life but I propose that we use this as a challenge to lead a purposeful life instead. Slow down, smell the roses! Have real conversations. Allow people in, as hard as that may be. Go to God and be still before Him, let Him lead the way. Really, stop and tell those around you that you love them. Reach out a helping hand. Share, even when you feel silly doing so. Move on when it is time to move on.

Jesus loves you and He wants to work mightily in your life, let Him.


One thought on “The berevity of life

  1. Hey you have some good thoughts here. Sounds like God is really bringing you to a place of understanding His will in the day to day. Every moment is such a gift, and life is truly fleeting, let’s not waste it!

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