Prayer IS Action!

I heard this while listening to an audio book on the way into work this morning.

Prayer IS action.

This concept hit me hard today. Especially in the midst of the anxiety filled week I have been having. The hubby and I have been apartment hunting and it has been stressful. We have time, so there is no pressure on that end of it, but we have either been to places that are not going to work for our family or we find a place that is great and then it doesn’t happen. On top of this, I am driving all over the place and working my schedule around getting the kids to where they need to be each morning and afternoon and my work is no longer in a convenient location for this to happen smoothly. As all parents do, I am putting myself under all this stress in order to not change their routine until we find a suitable place for us to move to. Once we settle then we can decide if changing daycare and school will take place.

Some weeks have been harder than others and this past week has been one of those. The reason that the statements “prayer is action” hit so hard is because I have found myself wrestling with the decision to take action vs leaving it be. We were in the midst of working out a negotiation with a potential landlord that was not following up as she said she would. My personal struggle was to decide if I should be assertive without trying to force something that wasn’t meant to be. I am a doer! I want to get things done and finalized in a timely manner, this is how I function. The words of my pastor ring in my mind, you cannot sit back and wait for God to just make things happen, you have to continue to move forward while allowing Him to guide your path towards the goals you seek to accomplish. In His way and His time, not ours.

Prayer was most definitely part of this process for me, but not in the way it should have been. I now see that my prayers are action. We took the steps we needed to take by applying for the apartment and following up with her the following day, expressing our needs and when we were available to move. The only action that was needed after this was prayer. I was too busy being anxious and my prayers were not as deep as they could have been.

Sometimes the best course of action is to not take action at all, in the worldly sense. I am learning that sometimes the only action I need to take is to pray and pray hard. Pray for the circumstance, but more importantly, pray for the ability to rest in Christ. Pray for Him to take the stress away and to help me realize that He is in my corner! He is working for the greater good for my family. He loves us and will bring us to where we need to be. To the place where we will be the most effect tools for His purposes.

So this is the lesson I am seeing at the end of an amazing week. He has shown me that I need to rest in Him, He has brought my husband and I to a place of comforting each other and my daughter was a delight too! My little girls reminded me through it all that if it didn’t work out, that it was God’s will and He has a better place for our family to be. Amazing stuff going in what seemed like a time of uncertainty and anxiousness.

God is Good!


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