Oh hi there blog!

Are you still here? I seem to have been neglecting you!

What to write about today? I did not have anything particular in mind when I popped in here, just know that it has been a while so I needed to get back in here.

I can tell you that for the last week I have seen that God is amazing. We all know how amazing He is right? I mean right on down to the materialistic comforts He has provided. He has provided me ways to obtain a vehicle that had every feature I was thinking would be nice and now He has provided a new apartment for us to move into. This also has all the little things we thought would be nice to have. We were patient and waited and He has provided! Even when we thought the deal wasn’t going through and figured we would keep on looking. It happened and I truly know that God was at work here.

Sounds silly doesn’t it? God was worried about the apartment we get or the car we drive? Well it just goes back to the fact that God cares about ALL things and wants us to be in a place where He can shine through us. So, I will be looking for ways we can bless others when we are in the new place. I am sure this will work to His glory in some way, even if I don’t see it happening!

God is true, He is faithful and He loves each and every one of us. Eventually, all things work to glorify Him if we can learn to be faithful and patient during the process. Things fall through when we try to take them into our own hands rather than leaving them in His very capable ones.

Have a Blessed day and a wonderful weekend! Remember that God is all around us, always.



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