Bless the Lord oh my soul

I really to crave to bless the Lord will all my soul and to allow Him to shine through me to those around me. I want to be praying all the day long, asking for guidance and praising Him for all things in my life. I want to always be open to Him and have an unceasing flow of goodness pouring through me. Unfortunately I am human and do not always accomplish these things.

I love the work I do, professionally speaking, as I am able to work towards a greater good. we offer hope, life and dignity in the end of life stages. We have a team of professionals that come together to ensure that all the patient’s clinical, spiritual, psychosocial and bereavement needs are met. People tend to fear death and we are here when the time has come where you can no longer deny that death will come. I truly love that I am able to be involved in coordinating a plan of care that brings dignity and quality of life for our patients. I really do have an awesome job as the volunteer coordinator, I am able to bring in the added service of offering a person to come in to read, play music, talk about the patient’s favorite things, give some relief to the caregivers, create projects to pass on the patient’s legacy and so much more. So I should be satisfied right?

I confess that I am never really satisfied. Working in hospice is as close as I can get to being satisfied in my professional life, well the closest I have come! The people who work in hospice are special and I am free to speak with them on a spiritual level. We have a great team here and I am blessed to have each and every one of them in my life. The reality is that I have a craving to do more. I crave to have my work life full of spiritual concerns. I crave to be in a place where I am working to spread Jesus’ love and I totally do this both in my work day and out. I have had the pleasure of discussing issues with a co-worker who was struggling with her faith and the words that came out of my mouth surprised me. I marveled at how Jesus came through and was able to use me in this woman’s life. I have had the pleasure of inviting another woman to my church and she has been partaking in a bible study and that is awesome to see to!

So why am I always craving to do more? Is it natural to keep on craving because I have seen and felt Jesus do His work through me? Is it better for me to be in a place where I will come in to contact with a multitude of people so that I can be God’s instrument? I suppose God will let me know!

I have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my family. The very air I breathe continuously. The comforts He has afforded me. The love He has brought into my empty life. I pray for contentment. I pray that I can be in a place where I feel the joys of the life I have and that the discontent and frustrations be removed. At the same time, I am thankful for the cravings to do more in the sense that I probably would not have gotten involved in things that have touched lives in ways that I am not even aware of.

So I end this rambling and circle of thoughts I have here by saying that I am going to continue to thank God for all I have, thank Him for all the opportunities He has provided and to continue to crave to do more without allowing myself to become discontent with the place I am in. Craving to do more, in and of itself is a great thing. This pushes me to look for ways to continue to spread His love and to let people know what being a Christian really is.


4 thoughts on “Bless the Lord oh my soul

  1. Good stuff, Melissa. I praise God for all His good work in and through you! Thanks for being a blessing and a light in my life. I love you!

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