Ripple Effect

God works in ways that are beyond my understanding. I know that He works through us in ways that we can’t even imagine. They make movies depicting the fact that a small, kind gesture by one person can ripple out and bring joy to many. This is something I understand but can never really comprehend the depth and complexity of it all.

I recently had an experience that really showed me how God works through us in ways that we wouldn’t even imagine.

Let’s start with a little back story first :0)

A few years ago a chaplain at work wanted to have inspirational stones for a memorial service but the only ones she could find would cause her to go out of budget. Someone suggested that she make them herself, so she got some smooth stones, a few paint pens and a clear sealant…bam! Custom inspirational stones!

Fast forward to last year’s women’s retreat at Calvary of Southbury. I thought it would be a great idea to make these stones with the fruits of the Spirit on them for the ladies to choose from. They were a hit! Everyone loved sticking their hand in the basket to see what they picked. My daughters loved them as well and we had fun making them at home together that year.

This year I offered to make the stones again. I love to be crafty, love to give and know that they were a blessing to some of the ladies last year. I made quite a few and did not seal them all so there were a few left behind and they landed in our attic after the retreat.

Now fast forward to last week, my family and I are getting ready to go to Thursday night Bible study. My lovely daughter comes downstairs with a USPS box, she wrote in black marker “I Love God” on all four sides, and asks me if she can go in the attic to get the left over stones and bring them t church with us. I completely forgot about them and wasn’t even sure where they were. “They’re upstairs mommy”. “Ok, go get them, but be quick! We have to go!” and off we went.

I was thinking how cute it was that she wanted to bring them and had to remind her to not interrupt people who were engrossed in conversation to pick a stone. I was pretty sure some folks were just sticking their hand in to grab one and be polite because she was so cute offering them up.

Sunday morning I walked into church and was pulled aside by a friend who thought I would like to hear about a gentleman who was touched deeply by a stone he picked out of a box that a little girls was offering on Thursday. I don’t know his story, all I know is that he has been in a place of struggle and experience hard times. My little angel offered up the stones we made and he blindly chose one, when he looked it was one that said “mercy” and apparently that was just what he needed at that moment. He was deeply moved by this message God was bringing him through my daughter.

I was so excited! That was great! I couldn’t wait to tell her! I was laughing at myself too because my almost 2-year-old son got his hands on the remaining rocks the day before and I was finding them in my bed and was not happy about that!

As a Christian I was moved and love to hear the small little nudges a brother or sister receive from God. The little ways that He tells us exactly what we need to hear. So subtle and how easily these messages can be missed if we are not open to them. If we are too busy rushing through this life, imagine all the little things we could be missing. All things work for God’s glory.

As a mom, this was an amazing time for me. I was able to tell my daughter that the stones she offered deeply moved someone. That she was God’s instrument. I was able to tell her that whatever she felt prompting her to gather those stones that night was the Holy Spirit moving in her. That God was talking to her in that moment. Now she knows what that feels like, she was amazed.

As Melissa, I am reminded that God truly works through us in ways that may seem so little to us. A small gesture to me could have a profound effect on someone else. This brings me back to what my Pastor tells us often, God wants to work in us all. We are His instruments so long as we allow ourselves to be. I know that I hold back a lot more than I should. I often feel the urge to do things and then talk myself out of it for a variety of reasons. I tend to worry about how people are going to think or what if I over step boundaries and they think I am crazy. Fear. I fear stepping out of my comfort zone.

Funny that I would be fearful of stepping out of my comfort zone. I am typically pretty open and in your face with general topics and have been known to be a hard ass. No fear. I have been told that I have no fear. This has not been the case in my spiritual life. I fear being to vulnerable to others. I fear stepping out and being emotional and real. I fear digging into those places where raw emotion and healing take place with others. I have been annoyed and have felt burdened by some of the gifts God has given me. As of late I have accepted them and am beginning to be thankful as I am able to bring Him glory when I am using these gifts in the fashion I was meant to. But I still resist. I still stand still and talk myself out of stepping out and offering a healing hand or a soft prayer in fear that it may be perceived as presumptuous or too intimate. I struggle with giving up control. I fear following the Lord’s promptings.

My children are so free and seeing them follow God’s prompting without question os amazing to me. I want that. I want to move through life with purpose and love. I want to be that soul that listens to the Holy Spirit without question. I want Him to break these chains of fear and hesitation. I WANT Jesus to work through me each and every moment I still have breath. I want this for all of us.

Today I pray that God does a mighty work in all of us. That we allow Him in. That we fight to keep our eyes on Jesus and let Him lead the way. That we love and comfort and bring healing to those around us no matter what we think the cost. What could it possible cost? A moment of embarrassment? What are the rewards? Bringing God Glory! Blessing those around us! Being part of His plan! Be the one that tosses the pebble of love that can ripple through the lives of countless people.




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