I have been learning so much these past few months. Learning, re-learning and deepening of understanding have been constant.

The Lord has been flooding my life with goodness and light. I have been prying myself open more and more so that I can have more Jesus, as I have never felt such peace and love as I do now. I know it can be so much more then I am capable of comprehending right now. I long for spiritual depth. I feel the transformation and am learning to welcome it rather than push back….yet I do still push back more than I like.


* God loves me no matter what. Even in my lowest places, when I push Him away and am closed up. He loves me just the same. Exactly the same amount of love and grace. Forever. He may be saddened by my actions, but His love is always there.

* There are no coincidences in life. It’s easy to brush things off as coincidence as we walk through life. Easier as a matter of fact. The truth is that God is always at work in each and every momemnt. All things truly work for His glory. My vision is becoming clearer and I find that when I slow down, I can see it more. I blows my mind.

* Life is a continuous journey meant to bring us closer to God. Today is Sunday and I started to feel a bit annoyed that my mini vacation was coming to an end and the phrase “back to reality tomorrow” came to mind. I realized that there really is no beginning a new week per se. The thought I had was a sad one because I’ve had such an amazing few days. Tonight I realized that I need to make the choice to continue forward and not “reset”. I am bringing the amazement and blessings into whatever I do tomorrow and the next day. I choose to be open and move forward with God’s plan.

* God lives in me. I have asked Him to dwell in the center of my being and so He does. I can literally feel Him work in me. I have called Him Reiki for years, bit it is the Holy Spirit. I open more and more and the Spirit flows through me often. It’s quite amazing.

That’s all for now. I wanted to share these few things they have become more and more apparent. Truly words cannot come close to describing the things I have been experiencing. God has been working in our midst and I sit in awe.

I pray that you too experience the amazing works God has planned for your life.


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