My name is Melissa, and I am a sinner.

I have been in the deepest, darkest, filthiest places in this life.

I have felt pain, inflicted pain, reveled in pain. At times I have even longed for the pain, as it was better than not feeling at all.

Life has never been easy and I am so far from perfect, I once thought myself unlovable.

As I dwelled in the gutter of life, finding comfort in my sin, I found a better way in a place I never would have expected.


Jesus came along side me and showed me love despite it all. He sat down beside me in that gutter and held out His hand.

Ever so gently and full of love, Jesus met me right where I was. He sat there in that gutter until I was ready to turn to Him. Protecting me, calling to me.

He does not sit in a far off place. You do not need to travel far to find salvation, He is always near.

Many times I turned away from Him and crawled back into that dark, familiar place, away from the light. It hurt to see myself, to be so exposed.

How could He love me? ME!?

How could He still want to save me after REALLY seeing me?

Ever so patient.
Ever so kind.

My Lord and Savior has cleansed my soul.

Only by His wounds am I healed. I am forgiven. Something I truly do not deserve and never will.

I am nothing. I belong in the gutter but Jesus loves me anyway.

If He can love a wretched woman like me and use me for His Glory, then how more can He use you?


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