I forgive you. You have hurt me deeply through the years and I do not excuse those actions. My pain is real. I cannot take personal responsibility for your actions, I can only do that for my own. The lying, stealing and negativity. The inconsistency and lack of love felt have scarred me deeply. The hurt still weighs heavily on my chest and shoulders.

I need to let this go.

I am choosing to look to God for His healing. He is faithful and true. He has forgiven me for my many transgressions and I hope you will too. I know I have hurt you also. I have done so many things that have brought me shame. I do not make excuses for these things, I was a different person then. Broken and blind to the love offered. I was focused on the depravity and darkness this world offers. I have found the light. I have a new hope to look to each and every morning, Jesus.

Forgiving does not mean we forget. No, we never forget. All we can do is to accept past failures, move out of the pain and allow the blame to be washed away. We can choose to learn from these moments and grow from the experiences. Move forward. Let go. We can choose to say yes to a full life of joy and peace. We can stop wrestling with the past wrongs, the what ifs.

Letting go is not easy, making the choice to move on and forgive is not a smooth transition, but this is my choice today. I place my pride at the feet of Jesus and pray that He will help me to be vulnerable and help me through the fear. I know the reward is greater than the struggle.

I choose life, I choose hope and I choose forgiveness.

Your loving daughter,



5 thoughts on “Forgiveness

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  2. All I see in you when we are face to face is beauty, joy, peace, humor, grace. If that isn’t you then I praise God for how He is working in and through you. He truly radiates outward from you.

    • Thank you Michelle! God has done a wonderful work in me and is continuing to do so. I love taking a moment to look back at how I was and then sit in the place He has brought me to. God is good!

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