Changing the way I eat!

So, I have never been the type of person to try new diets all the time. I know that it’s not good to approach my eating in a drastic way and that it can create more issues than it would help resolve. Over the years I have been taking a more passive approach to making healthier choices. I have not gone crazy, as I have heard others do, but it’s something I am always thinking about.

I am not at a healthy weight and have not been since the birth of my first daughter. Prior to that I could eat anything I wanted and, with no formal exercise, stay thin. After having my girls back to back, I stayed where I was and teetered back and forth between heavier and lighter. The change mostly depended on what was going on in my life at the time as I have found that I am an emotional eater.

As far as vices go, I would say that salty/crunchy foods are the number one problem for me. This is why Doritos are not allowed in my home very often. They are irresistible to me!

So over the years I have gained a better understanding of portion control, I successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers and I visited the vegetarian side for a few years and that is about it. The vegetarian part of life had more to do with my husband and the fact that the meat industry pumps our food full or hormones and antibiotics. This year we are buying a half cow from a local farm! Possible a half pig too. So, I am still moving towards making healthier and more local purchases in that area. We will be participating in the local CSA to ensure a more well rounded, healthier choice of veggies while supporting the local farmer all at the same time 🙂

Anyway, I have struggle between hating my body and trying to accept my body. I have discovered that I have a distorted view of my body also. I feel that I am much larger than I am. Kinda crazy, right? I will see a person much larger than I (no judgments!) and think that I am bigger than them or close to their size, then I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realize that I am not. This has pushed me to look in a full length mirror more often. As I avoided mirrors, I began to think I was “uglier” and “fatter” then I am. I know this is something a lot of people struggle with even when looking in a mirror often.

Part of the changes I am making is that I prepare myself before looking in the mirror. I remind myself that God made me and that I am His perfect creation. My husband thinks I am beautiful, my children think I am beautiful, so it’s time that I start seeing myself how I really am. Time to stop allowing my emotions distort how I see life. Oh how that emotional baggage can effect everything.

So here I am on January 22nd and I am making another change. My co-workers and I decided that after the New Year, we were making healthier choices in the office. No more eating out several times a week! Breakfast is mandatory after our morning meeting! We will combine our efforts and each pitch in a health snack and salad fixins! We were doing well 🙂

Enter IT guy who only visits our office like twice a year. He was thinner and full of energy this visit. He shares with us that he is now following a high fat, low carb diet these days. He dropped 50lbs and is feeling great.

This starts to bring to the forefront of my mind how many people I have heard tell me this. Drop the carbs (other than natural ones), drop the sugar, eat full fat foods, eat like our ancestors did before the introduction of processed foods….

So after much discussion and research we are moving in that direction. As of this past Monday we have increased out fat intake through meats, upped the veggies (other than root veggies for now), dropped the sugar and carbs, and are eating together in this fashion at work and on our own at home. We have also increased our water and sodium intake to help our bodies regulate.

In short, we are dropping the carbs that turn into sugar, this then allows our insulin levels to drop back down and for our bodies to begin to utilize the stored fat. There’s more to it, I am just updating you guys on the basics of what we’re doing 🙂

So on with the sour cream, full fat cheeses, meats and vegetables!

I will keep you all posted on this journey and can tell you that today I can feel the difference. I am eating less and am way less bloated. Here is to a happier, healthier me! I did not weigh myself as I feel weight loss will just be a bi-product of getting my body to run more efficiently :0)

Talk to you soon!


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