Diet change is going great!

So, this change in eating habits started Monday and I am really feeling great!

First, let me start with some challenges I’ve had this week.

Tuesday, day two, was great. The only issue I encountered was when my girls wanted whipped cream and ice cream for their sleep over. …it was snowing pretty bad out at that point sooooo that saved me.  If I had stopped,  I am not so sure I could have refrained from Ben & Jerry’s. Thank you snow storm!

Wednesday, day three, this was the roughest day of them all. That day was full of long meetings at work.  I didn’t eat or hydrate properly and was feeling it that afternoon. At one point a Co – worker was placing bright orange mini sticky notes on a plate, all I could think of was wanting a plate of Doritoes! Yes, orange pieces of paper caused me to crave cheesy chips. She encouraged me to take a bite of the paper to cure my craving,  I opted not to. Haha

Friday, another great day! We had a bunch of friends over for a pot luck type dinner and fellowships. We eat, chat and the band, Imperial Boxtruck, practices for a bit. I made pork, salad and potatoes. I actually refrained from my potatoes and without much struggle. One of our friends brought a hash brown casserole full of potatoes and cheesy goodness. THIS was a challenge! I struggled. I took a pic and sent it to two lovely ladies that are partaking in this diet change with me. I felt like I was reaching out to my sponsors. It helped! I don’t think I’d make it too far without support!!

Now for the positives!

I didn’t realize just how bloated I was. My rings fit bettter now. Typically I would wake up and have to drink a full glass of water before I could put my rings on comfortably. Now, not even a week later, no such issue! My clothes even fit better. This past week, I was able to wear two shirts that I have not worn in a really long time. My knee high boots even feel looser now. My belly has gone down noticeably.

I have more energy. I am sleeping more soundly and have more energy throughout the day. I have a toddler,  so I am still tired, but definitely felt a big difference these past few days.

My hunger has changed. It’s hard to explain,  but I’ve noticed that I am feeling like I want food,  even when I’m not hungry. I think this is part of the transition phase where my body is craving the sugar I am withholding. Otherwise, I am eating until satisfied and don’t feel sluggish after meals. I am not getting that gross, “I ate way too much”, feeling. I also don’t want coffee as much. Apparently it was the sugar I was craving. Now tea has become more appealing.

I am truly amazed with the changes I am feeling through this process. I am so happy that I started this. I am so thankful that my friends at work are with me on this and planning for our daytime eating!

Basically we’re eating real, unprocessed,  foods. No sugar and only natural carbs. Full fat foods only. During this transition phase were also omitting root vegetables. We will reintroduce them in small portions eventually.

I will keep you posted as I continue on this journey!

Love you all!


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