Who is she?

Who is this girl?

So unsure, uncertain, so scared.

Who is this girl that sheds such deep tears for the pain from long ago?

Who is this girl that plays in the rain effortlessly?

I thought her to be dead long ago.

Here you are, sweet girl, right where you’re meant to be in me.

She is peaking out if the deep dark box had been kept prisoner in all these years. Climbing out of the dark recesses of my soul.

“Hide away and take your shame with you.” She was told so long ago.

Good bye little girl, so full of hope, joy, and freedom. Sweet little girl buried in sins long forgotten. Covered in regret and denial.

Out of the ashes she rises, by God’s grace alone I can once again see the glimmer in her eyes.



Regrets surrendered

Touched by the Holy Spirit,  she is transformed. Life breathed into her once again.

Still distant, storms still raging,  but she’s there once more. Darkness slipping and Light breaking through.

So hard.

So beautiful.

So kind.

Transformation is His will and I follow in obedience. I surrender all to You, my King.



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