Journey to A Healthier Life

I started this blog because I wanted to shed light on my struggles and insecurities so that others could maybe feel more comfortable doing the same. It is difficult to share when you are in a place of trials and doubt. This is when we need each other the most.

Throughout the years I have dabbled in a more natural life style. I have done the no poo deal, switched to deodorant stones and try to purchase products that are better for my family. I have never gotten serious enough to make a big impact and am about to change that.

This is a new chapter in my life and I thought it would be another great addition to my current blog. I will be sharing where I am, what I am trying, why I am struggling and when I am successful!

I am over weight and over indulge in foods and drinks. I am not getting any younger and want to be a better example to my children. I am done trying to be better and am going to just do it!

I thank you all who are on this journey with me and look forward to sharing!


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